SnoreBlock is specially selected blend of herbs and natural enzymes which eliminate the secretion which blocks the throat and causes throat swelling. As a result throat is cleared, snoring disappears and your body is oxygenated.

  • If you snore during sleep or napping, it means that your air passages become blocked. Usually during sleep your throat and palate muscles loosen up and your throat narrows. If your throat is swollen or you happen to have a lump sensation, you can experience difficulties breathing.

Try this natural blend of herbs instead of a surgery. Operations always involve some kind of risk – you might be left with scarring and post-surgery complications.
Why not try something more natural?

With SnoreBlock you will stop snoring and avoid oxygen deficiency during sleep. In the morning you will feel well-rested, fresh and full of energy.

The human body requires at least 95% oxygen saturation in the blood. In case of snorers blood oxygen level can fall even to 70%. Hence, they experience drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, irritation, problems with concentration or memory.

Ipsos Mori survey shows how people see consequences of snoring:

  • 29% of people experience poor social life
  • 37% poor performance at work
  • 37% difficulties in concentration
  • 47% lack of energy
  • 57% tension in relationship
  • 61% increased irritation

SnoreBlock has been formulated after many years of research
by dr Dennis H. Harris.

The final version of the supplement has been tested on 220 volunteers. 86% of them confirmed very good results. The tablets have been approved to be sold on the market and their growing popularity only confirm their effectiveness.